Read Some Of Our Success Stories!!!

Still looking for your perfect match? Here are just a few of our many success stories! These just go to show that it can work for you too!

9f5eb89ec4b245d015f8c86c6c2da944_originalI first looked at Marie’s profile and liked what I was reading, so I sent her a message. After about a week of messaging and talking, we decided to meet. We met at a coffee shop and had the most amazing evening chatting and getting to know each other. Since then our relationship has blossomed, and we have had numerous dates. We get on so well it feels ;like we have known each other for years. My advice to people looking is, don’t be afraid to make the first move, and be honest. We all have crosses to bear, but don’t let your past hold you back, always look to the future and stay positive!

John & Marie





It all started when Chris sent me a message saying he liked the look of my profile and would love to chat sometime. We spent 3 hours chatting that evening from discussing our favorite foods, films & music, to places that we’ve traveled. After chatting over the phone and laughing a lot, we arranged to meet up later that week at a local pub. There were no awkward silences, the conversation flowed and we both made each other laugh. We spoke on the phone every day until our second date where we shared out first kiss! We’re now looking at moving in together before Christmas! I would tell anyone else looking for love online to just be yourself,. and be open and honest. You’ll know when it’s right!

Emma & Chris



I contacted Neil through the site and after chatting I asked him if he wanted to meet for a coffee. Straight away we hit it off. We were getting on so well after an hour the assistant asked us to leave because they were about to close. We were both shocked by how much alike we were and how much we had in common. I have never met anyone like Neil and he says the same about me, I feel like I have met my soul mate. We are inseparable and get on so well, I can’t believe how happy I am and I can’ wait to spend the rest of my like with him.

Michelle & Neil





Whilst searching one day I came across Katherine, she had the most amazing eyes on her profile picture. We got chatting on the site and decided to meet. The day came and I saw Kath walking along the boardwalk so I called her name. She saw me and her face dropped. I thought; “OK this date isn’t going to last long”.  hours later we were still in he bar laughing and joking. Kath then asked if I liked seafood, “love it” was my reply and the second date was arrange. We met at the restaurant and started where we left off and we ended the evening running for the last train.

John & Kathy





Did you enjoy reading the amazing singlemums romantic stories. Then make sure you keep at it and, who knows, you could be our next success story!

Love the Team.