Read the first successful love stories of 2014!


Didn’t meet anyone in 2013? well have a look at the first successful love stories of 2014 and get inspired!.



I was just about yo terminate my membership when Barrie first contacted me. We spoke for hours on end and from then on we exchanged emails, texts and phone calls. He was attracted by my “intelligent” profile which wasn’t full of cliches, and likewise when I caught up with his, I liked his style. Our hopes and plans for the future are to be together forever. I would advise others on the site to make sure they put up more than one decent photo and get onto the site regularly to keep up with new members. Also, draft and redraft your profile to express your hopes and plans for the future and don’t give up!

Barrie and Sarah.



The reason I went with the site was because I had been on a night out and realized that I wasn’t meeting people of similar age to myself, my friend had told me her friend was on the dating website. I joined with some trepidation, not feeling entirely comfortable with it but thought I had nothing to ;lose. The day I joined, I received a message from nice, it was obvious that he has read my profile as he compared his interest to mine and it seemed we had a lot in common. We would never have met f it hadn’t been for the dating website as he lives over 30 miles from me. It fave us the opportunity to meet someone who has similar interest, something which I previously found difficult to find. I am so glad I took that step and found my perfect man.

Nick and Belinda



Joanne had winked at me and I winked back. We had talked on the chat feature and then swapped phone numbers

and talked every night for hours! We have now been together for two months and a few days and we are very happy. We are crazy about each other and are planning what to do for our future. Meeting each other has just been the best thing ever. Don’t give up. There’s a lot of decent people, you just have to find them.

Jules and Darren



Well it all started with a wink and a small message from Tracy and I just knew we had to meet. For our first date, which was a hot day, We eventually decided on a walk in a park near Tracy’s home. It was me who suggested it as I wanted to make the date last longer. I was definitely attracted to Tracy and wanted to find out more about her. Since then we have dated for a couple of months and are now together. We are just taking things slowly at the moment as we are in an early stage of our relationship. To all of you on the site hang in there. Good luck to you all and have a great 2014.

Thanks Dave & Tracy



Did you enjoy reading the first love stories of 2014, we hope you did and we hope that they inspired you to find your love!

Love the Team.

Read Our Newest Successful Love Stories!

Still looking for your perfect match? Here are just a few of our many success stories! Have a read and let them show you that there is always someone out there. It just takes a bit of searching 🙂



I saw this beautiful lady on the site and an instant attraction was there so I contacted her (Deborah) and waited patiently. I got a reply and we started to chat. We are both completely in love and have never EVER felt such a real, true, pure love as this before.

She is without any doubt in my mind the most loving, caring, beautiful, intelligent, loyal, funniest and smartest. Just want to say if it wasn’t for you guys, I certainly would be still searching for Deborah now…she is my princess…my love…my life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Simon & Deborah



Dave winked at me first, and then called me after we’d been winking for some time.

I was attracted by his eyes and he looked kind then when we started speaking I realized he was uncomplicated and shared a lot of the same interests. Our first date was to a local pub where we had a drink and it felt perfectly normal as we’d spent so much time mailing and calling. We shared our first kiss later that evening. We’re very happy. I would say keep trying to people that are searching, there is someone out there for everyone.

I would like to thank you for your services.

Dave and Lisa.





This year I got a message from Stephen, we had a little chat then I stopped talking to him for no particular reason. Then a few weeks later he messaged me again. We got talking again and we swapped numbers and loads of questions followed for one another. Stephen made the first move. We went for dinner then we stayed in a hotel for the night, we cuddled, kissed and talked most of the night.

To all those still looking there is someone out there for you, don’t give up as the will come when you don’t expect it.


Stephen and Julie




I first contacted Anna and sent her an email. I was attracted by her lovely long brown hair and her gorgeous eyes, and I found her profile picture very attractive! She was attracted by my profile picture and my short, simple and honest email which was straight to the point. Our first date was in a nice pub for a couple of drinks and bite to eat to chat and get to know each other better. We had been texting before so it wasn’t an awkward first meeting. We are planning to move into a flat together ext year and continue enjoying being with each other. I would tell others to “keep going/looking, your true love is out there”. We are proof!


Russ and Anna



Did you enjoy reading the amazing singlemums romantic stories. Then make sure you keep at it and, who knows, you could be our next success story!

Love the Team. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Read Some Of Our Success Stories!!!

Still looking for your perfect match? Here are just a few of our many success stories! These just go to show that it can work for you too!

9f5eb89ec4b245d015f8c86c6c2da944_originalI first looked at Marie’s profile and liked what I was reading, so I sent her a message. After about a week of messaging and talking, we decided to meet. We met at a coffee shop and had the most amazing evening chatting and getting to know each other. Since then our relationship has blossomed, and we have had numerous dates. We get on so well it feels ;like we have known each other for years. My advice to people looking is, don’t be afraid to make the first move, and be honest. We all have crosses to bear, but don’t let your past hold you back, always look to the future and stay positive!

John & Marie





It all started when Chris sent me a message saying he liked the look of my profile and would love to chat sometime. We spent 3 hours chatting that evening from discussing our favorite foods, films & music, to places that we’ve traveled. After chatting over the phone and laughing a lot, we arranged to meet up later that week at a local pub. There were no awkward silences, the conversation flowed and we both made each other laugh. We spoke on the phone every day until our second date where we shared out first kiss! We’re now looking at moving in together before Christmas! I would tell anyone else looking for love online to just be yourself,. and be open and honest. You’ll know when it’s right!

Emma & Chris



I contacted Neil through the site and after chatting I asked him if he wanted to meet for a coffee. Straight away we hit it off. We were getting on so well after an hour the assistant asked us to leave because they were about to close. We were both shocked by how much alike we were and how much we had in common. I have never met anyone like Neil and he says the same about me, I feel like I have met my soul mate. We are inseparable and get on so well, I can’t believe how happy I am and I can’ wait to spend the rest of my like with him.

Michelle & Neil





Whilst searching one day I came across Katherine, she had the most amazing eyes on her profile picture. We got chatting on the site and decided to meet. The day came and I saw Kath walking along the boardwalk so I called her name. She saw me and her face dropped. I thought; “OK this date isn’t going to last long”.  hours later we were still in he bar laughing and joking. Kath then asked if I liked seafood, “love it” was my reply and the second date was arrange. We met at the restaurant and started where we left off and we ended the evening running for the last train.

John & Kathy





Did you enjoy reading the amazing singlemums romantic stories. Then make sure you keep at it and, who knows, you could be our next success story!

Love the Team.




23 things you should never say to a single parent!

According to the Huffington Post here are 23 things you should never say to a single parent:


1. “‘OMG I am totally a single mum this week! My hubby is out of town for 5 days. I THINK I MIGHT GO INSANE!’

– Please. NEVER SAY THIS to a single parent!!

2.  At least you get time to yourself now.

3. “‘Well, there’s thousands of single parents out there, I’m sure you can do it all just like they do.’

Are you kidding me? Please volunteer to babysit some evening and give us very poor, struggling parents a break!”

4. “‘Poor kids, they are scarred for life.’

No, actually my kids are ‘A’ students and are very happy with their lives. They actually feel sorry for their friends who have to go home to a bunch of fighting.”

5. “When are you getting married again?”

6.  “‘Why are you so tired?’


7.  “‘You need to find yourself a husband; girls raised without a father end up sexually promiscuous and boys end up being criminals.’

I’ve actually had a number of people say this to me.”

8.  “You sure that’s best for the kids?”

9.  “‘It’s no different than having a spouse. I see no difference at all.’

Said to me by my boss…and I have 100% full custody

10. “‘ It must be so nice to have time away from the kids!’

Well, yeah, but it’s also really hard to know you’re missing half of their lives.”

11. “It’s the most rewarding thing ever!”

12. “You need to prioritize.”

13.  “‘My husband works so much, I’m basically a single mother too.’

… one will ever understand unless they live it.”

14. “‘I do everything you do…. You get the benefit of not having to live with a man!’

Really? Hope you never have to experience the reality.”

15. “‘You need a man in your life.’

HA! That’s where all the trouble started in the first place. I had many people tell me that, boy were they wrong. I should have stayed single, would have been better off.”

16. “‘ It’s easy. It doesn’t sound too hard!’

Go have yourself a teenager and then come back and tell me how ‘easy’ it is!”

17.  “You are lucky you do not have a spouse to fight with”

18. “‘You have it easy, you can use your kid as an excuse.’

That was said regarding NEEDING to leave early #Juggling #TakesaVillage #ItsNotEasy”

19. “Just how do you do it?”

20.  “[With a sad, patronizing face] ‘How are you coping with life?’

21. “Every child needs both their parents there.”

22. “I don’t appreciate when strangers ask me if the father is involved with the child. A) It’s none of your business and B) He isn’t which makes it upsetting to have to reply!”

23. “‘You should spend more time with the kids and less time working.’

Bills don’t pay themselves and food doesn’t appear magically.”

We agree with the Huffington Post’s quotes! So the next time you consider offering a single parent unsolicited advice, you may want to think twice.  Though the constructive criticism generally comes from a well-meaning place, as many single dads and moms will tell you, the tone struck is all too often judgmental rather than supportive.


Click here to read the full article

Read Some Of Our Success Stories!

Read Some Of Our Success Stories! – Still looking for your perfect match? Here are just a few of our many success stories! These just go to show that it can work for you too!


Well our journey began with me logging onto the site. George saw me pop up on the site and sent me a message. I asked if he wanted to go for a walk so we went to the park.When I saw him I knew we would be ok together. He hugged me and we walked and talked. We sat on a bench and had our first kiss looking out by the water, very romantic. We have been to the pub and a castle since and laughed like I have never laughed before. He is the most caring man I have ever known. I never thought it was possible but never gave up hope.

Lidia and George



I first contacted Rod when I saw his diary post and posted a comment to which he replied to. I was attracted to his smile and he was wearing his motorbike leathers and looked very handsome. For our first date Rod rode a 300 mile round trip to watch me compete in a charity race. After a lovely walk and chatting lots, we had our first kiss at the end of our first date. We’ve been on lots of dates now; including visiting the Tate, a trip down the Thames as well as going to a few gigs to see his band play. We have very high hopes for a long, happy future together.

Becca & Rod


Paddy and I had our first date after emailing and texting each other for a couple of weeks. Needless to say that we were both filled with nerves. There was no need to feel nervous though as the date went really well. In the following weeks Paddy and I had many more dates and we officially became a couple on Wednesday 4th April 2012. On Christmas morning 2012, Paddy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! We are getting married in July 2012 and we cannot wait! I think we are proof that online dating works and that people shouldn’t give up after a bad date.

Leanne and Paddy



Well, where do I start, thanks to the site I have found my perfect match! I met Dave after he winked at me on the site and we started sending messages to each other. We then decided to swap phone numbers and ended up speaking for hours on end each night. Our first meet was amazing; We hit it off straight away and had our first kiss too! Its been an amazing 5 weeks since then and we both cant believe how this had turned out. It was bizarre as I hadn’t experienced such closeness with someone in such a short time. Online dating does work and I am so pleased I took the plunge!

Janine + Dave


So make sure you keep at it and, who knows, you could be our next success story!

Dating during a heat wave…

Dating during a heat wave… Here are some top tips on how to meet your summer romance. They’re not just going to knock on your door, you have to venture out and find them, and with this nice hot weather putting us all in a better mood, the chances of finding love are higher than ever.








•If you’re sick of being single, then don’t be! Accept all the invites you receive! Even if you feel it’s pointless you could be completely wrong, the more events you go to, the more social you will be and more likely to meet Mr. right!
• Maybe consider organising some of your own summer events, maybe a BBQ? Encourage your friends to invite any single people they may know, this might help to get the ball rolling.
• Single’s are more likely to go out during the summer months, so encourage your friends to go out to bars, restaurants or pubs with you. This will give you a better opportunity to get to know new people.
• Holiday romances are often fun, but to avoid disappointment don’t expect to get into a long term relationship. It will most likely just turn out to be a holiday fling.
• You can’t be hiding under big coats and baggy sweaters during these warm months, so be aware of your posture. Stand confidently and keep smiling, there is nothing more attractive.
• Joining an online dating agency such as SingleMums.Net is a great way to meet people, and more importantly one of the best ways to find the perfect match you’re looking for.

So why not try some of these dating ideas and see how you get on! Good luck!

Success stories!

Still looking for your perfect match? Here are just a few of our many success stories! These just go to show that it can work for you too!



After finding each other on the site. Caroline and I met for coffee after spending 7 hours on the phone the weekend previous and it was love at first sight! She looked absolutely stunning. Straight away we both knew that we were going to get on really well as we shared so much in common. We have crammed so much in together recently happily engaged and just enjoying every moment of what is such a caring, loving and loyal relationship. Thank you for bringing us both together.

Chris & Caroline




Keith sent a very tongue in cheek ‘Icebreaker’, and I replied not really expecting anything. We got chatting and agreed to meet for our first date on Valentine’s Day. We were both like 2 nervous teenagers on the morning of the date. We have had a number of dates since then and are now introducing each other to our respective families. We are 2 halves of a jigsaw of many pieces that together make a complete picture, it’s just wonderful. We wish success to other couples and hope they can find their dream partner and share in the love that we have found.

Joldin and Keith




I had only been on the site for about two weeks when Janet sent me a message to say that we had both looked at each others profile a couple of times, and would like to chat. We agreed to meet up for a drink and got on very well. We found we had so much in common that we exchanged phone numbers and arranged to go out the following weekend. We’ve been seeing each other ever since then and had it not been for the site we would never have met. Thanks to you all.

James & Janet




After several months on the dating site and quite a few dates that didn’t work for me, i noticed a picture of a guy and decided to send him a wink! The wink prompted a conversation lasting about a week and eventually we exchanged mobile numbers and begun texting. I then went away for christmas holidays, and on christmas day, I surprised Heath by leaving a voicemail which was really the turning point. We arranged to meet on New Year’s Eve in the afternoon  my local pub and the connection was overwhelming. He is the kindest, most thoughtful guy I have met in a long time. These past weeks have been the best and we both know our future will be shared together.

Jane and Heath


So make sure you keep at it and, who knows, you could be our next success story!

5 Ways For Single Moms To Make Dating OK For Kids

Many children will never fully get used to the idea of their parents dating. We are all mothers; we love our children and we want them to be happy, but it is equally important that mom be fulfilled and happy too.

These following 5 suggestions will allow your children to feel at ease with this new phase of your life and will enable you to have the social life you deserve;

1. Encourage your kids to let go of the fairy tale.

2. Make it clear that you’re not rushing to remarry.

3. Understand that the kids’ loyalty may be divided.

4. Don’t date based on your children’s preferences.

5. Don’t feel guilty for having a social life.


To read the full article on how to help your children feel comfortable with your dating decisions click here.

How to create the Perfect Profile

Here’s our Top Tips for creating the perfect profile to attract the ideal match!

single mum

Upload a photo:

Your profile photo is the first thing a member sees and it’s simply natural to want to put a face to a name. Put aside a few minutes to add a good, friendly profile photo to grab some attention… don’t forget to smile.

Update your profile text:

Write what comes naturally. Make it a simple introduction to who you are and what you are looking for. Be honest and positive – it’s early days, so you don’t have to share everything at this stage – just provide what you are comfortable with to start that first conversation.

Update your interests:

Selecting interests is almost as important as writing a good profile: we know that a large number of our members search by interests. Having something to share is essential to any relationship. This will also help to ensure that your preferences are recognized by other members and you get the match you’re after. Carefully select those interests that really mean something to you: don’t select interests just because you think they will appeal to others. It’s a really simple process and can only help you to get what you’re looking for.


What are you waiting for? Update your profile now and increase your chances of finding that perfect match.

Good luck,

The SingleMums.Net Team.