6 Versatile Date Ideas For Single Parents

single mum



Getting back into the dating game can be difficult as a single parent, so take the stress out of the situation by trying out some of these useful suggestions.

  • Arrange a lunch date
    Having children can mean there isn’t much time left for you, so make the most of the time you do have whilst they’re at school and arrange your date for a lunch time, removing the stress around where they will go whilst you’re out.
  •  Exercise together
    If you both squeeze exercise into your daily schedules then try and sync your workouts or gym sessions to the same time. If you both love jogging, then go together. If you both love playing tennis, have a game! It’s something fun to do whilst also keeping to your daily routine!
  •  Do your weekly shop together
    Improve one of the more mundane tasks during your week by doing it together! It gives you time to chat whilst achieving an important chore. Some supermarkets also have a coffee shop so why not have a break and grab a drink too!
  • Arrange a “speed date”
    If you’re really short of time, think about arranging short dates for however long you can manage. This way you can still meet face to face and spend time getting to know each other over a 45 minute coffee date, without the pressures of finding childcare or trying to make time you don’t have.
  • Walk the dog
    If one or both of you have a canine friend, incorporate your daily dog walk and a date! You could even pack a picnic and sit in the park if you have a bit of extra time on your hands. Your pet(s) will give you a topic of conversation and something else to focus on should the nerves take over!
  • Take the kids!
    You’ve been dating a while and you’re ready to introduce them to your children. Organise a day out or a family activity where your new partner can get involved. Go to a PYO (pick your own) farm, a zoo, play laser tag, or simply go to the park with a ball. Making the activity fun in a non-pressured environment will help your children get used to a new person being around and will also provide an opportunity to introduce their children to yours if they have them.

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