Read the first successful love stories of 2014!


Didn’t meet anyone in 2013? well have a look at the first successful love stories of 2014 and get inspired!.



I was just about yo terminate my membership when Barrie first contacted me. We spoke for hours on end and from then on we exchanged emails, texts and phone calls. He was attracted by my “intelligent” profile which wasn’t full of cliches, and likewise when I caught up with his, I liked his style. Our hopes and plans for the future are to be together forever. I would advise others on the site to make sure they put up more than one decent photo and get onto the site regularly to keep up with new members. Also, draft and redraft your profile to express your hopes and plans for the future and don’t give up!

Barrie and Sarah.



The reason I went with the site was because I had been on a night out and realized that I wasn’t meeting people of similar age to myself, my friend had told me her friend was on the dating website. I joined with some trepidation, not feeling entirely comfortable with it but thought I had nothing to ;lose. The day I joined, I received a message from nice, it was obvious that he has read my profile as he compared his interest to mine and it seemed we had a lot in common. We would never have met f it hadn’t been for the dating website as he lives over 30 miles from me. It fave us the opportunity to meet someone who has similar interest, something which I previously found difficult to find. I am so glad I took that step and found my perfect man.

Nick and Belinda



Joanne had winked at me and I winked back. We had talked on the chat feature and then swapped phone numbers

and talked every night for hours! We have now been together for two months and a few days and we are very happy. We are crazy about each other and are planning what to do for our future. Meeting each other has just been the best thing ever. Don’t give up. There’s a lot of decent people, you just have to find them.

Jules and Darren



Well it all started with a wink and a small message from Tracy and I just knew we had to meet. For our first date, which was a hot day, We eventually decided on a walk in a park near Tracy’s home. It was me who suggested it as I wanted to make the date last longer. I was definitely attracted to Tracy and wanted to find out more about her. Since then we have dated for a couple of months and are now together. We are just taking things slowly at the moment as we are in an early stage of our relationship. To all of you on the site hang in there. Good luck to you all and have a great 2014.

Thanks Dave & Tracy



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