Success stories!

Still looking for your perfect match? Here are just a few of our many success stories! These just go to show that it can work for you too!



After finding each other on the site. Caroline and I met for coffee after spending 7 hours on the phone the weekend previous and it was love at first sight! She looked absolutely stunning. Straight away we both knew that we were going to get on really well as we shared so much in common. We have crammed so much in together recently happily engaged and just enjoying every moment of what is such a caring, loving and loyal relationship. Thank you for bringing us both together.

Chris & Caroline




Keith sent a very tongue in cheek ‘Icebreaker’, and I replied not really expecting anything. We got chatting and agreed to meet for our first date on Valentine’s Day. We were both like 2 nervous teenagers on the morning of the date. We have had a number of dates since then and are now introducing each other to our respective families. We are 2 halves of a jigsaw of many pieces that together make a complete picture, it’s just wonderful. We wish success to other couples and hope they can find their dream partner and share in the love that we have found.

Joldin and Keith




I had only been on the site for about two weeks when Janet sent me a message to say that we had both looked at each others profile a couple of times, and would like to chat. We agreed to meet up for a drink and got on very well. We found we had so much in common that we exchanged phone numbers and arranged to go out the following weekend. We’ve been seeing each other ever since then and had it not been for the site we would never have met. Thanks to you all.

James & Janet




After several months on the dating site and quite a few dates that didn’t work for me, i noticed a picture of a guy and decided to send him a wink! The wink prompted a conversation lasting about a week and eventually we exchanged mobile numbers and begun texting. I then went away for christmas holidays, and on christmas day, I surprised Heath by leaving a voicemail which was really the turning point. We arranged to meet on New Year’s Eve in the afternoon  my local pub and the connection was overwhelming. He is the kindest, most thoughtful guy I have met in a long time. These past weeks have been the best and we both know our future will be shared together.

Jane and Heath


So make sure you keep at it and, who knows, you could be our next success story!

5 Ways For Single Moms To Make Dating OK For Kids

Many children will never fully get used to the idea of their parents dating. We are all mothers; we love our children and we want them to be happy, but it is equally important that mom be fulfilled and happy too.

These following 5 suggestions will allow your children to feel at ease with this new phase of your life and will enable you to have the social life you deserve;

1. Encourage your kids to let go of the fairy tale.

2. Make it clear that you’re not rushing to remarry.

3. Understand that the kids’ loyalty may be divided.

4. Don’t date based on your children’s preferences.

5. Don’t feel guilty for having a social life.


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